Reputable Repair Service, Highly Rated by Customers!

CMI Building 2Our clients care about their cars. We care about our clients.

During our 22 years of doing car maintenance and repairs in the Albany, NY area, Capitol Mechanics, Inc.  has differentiated itself as expert in automotive diagnostics, repairs and repair prevention.  A leading Capital Region independent automotive center, Capitol Mechanics is an AAA Approved Auto Repair ShopBetter Business Bureau accredited, and staffed by ASE certified technicians.

A major differentiator at Capitol Mechanics is our approach to customer service.  Behind our proven track record in expert diagnostics, maintenance and car repairs is a focus on optimizing the cost of car ownership by giving each customer available options and information needed to make an educated and confident decision for maintaining the safety and reliability of their car.

Capitol Mechanics work closely with you, for you, to keep your car running better and longer.

Capitol Mechanics know cars!

  • We keep them safe and reliable
  • We fix them right … the first time
  • We want them on the road, not in the shop
  • We save you costly repairs and downtime
  • We work for you and no one else
  • We don’t say we’re the best … our customers do!

..and don’t forget … You can keep you on your daily schedule with our complimentary loaners!

Call us at (518) 235-1708 for any inquiry or concern!


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